Built Environment Education

BUILT ENVIRONMENT CULTURE includes all activities that are related to the built environment such as: planning, constructing, designing, and much more. It is part of our cultural identity and an expression of social competence and technical understanding.

bilding is the only institution that takes on the comprehensive area of teaching building culture to young people in Tyrol. The diverse, interdisciplinary program offering is aimed at children and young people aged 4 to 19 and includes both individual, continuous programs as well as additional support programs for schools and kindergartens.

Topics are:

  • Construction
  • Urban planning
  • Ecology
  • Material
  • Technology

In particular, the annual TECHNIK BEWEGT education format for schools is part of the compulsory bilding workshop offering. The aim is to prepare the areas of responsibility and job profiles of civil engineers for students and educators and to make them understandable using practical methods. In addition, we develop specific TEACHING MATERIALS for schools with practical workshop instructions. A large area of responsibility also lies with our city workshop, with which we are integrated into processes in PARTICIPATIVE PROJECTS and planning procedures in public spaces and are intended to constructively and sustainably shape identity with directly affected children and young people.