Art and culture open up new worlds. Worlds full of colors, shapes and new insights. Children and young people need creative skills and possibilities for experimentation in order to develop strong personalities.

bilding considers itself as a space where children and young people can explore the arts of painting, sculpture, architecture and media.

bilding offers a continuous, progressive programme where artists and architects accompany and support children and young people in developing and expanding their artistic interests and talents. It is our goal to promote imagination, to encourage alternative ways of expression, as well as helping children to develop confidence in their own skills and artistic abilities. In the bilding workshops artists and architects introduce children and young people to painting, sculpture, architecture and new media over the course of an entire school-year. bilding provides a continuous programme in the visual, applied and fine arts*, ranging from aesthetic early childhood learning for toddlers, to age-specific guidance for children and adolescents, to supporting the creativity of young adults. (*Participation in all continuous programmes is free of charge)

bilding. The name and the building

The name bilding stands for an open image/work of art that combines architecture, art, education and being in the process. Like building blocks, a constantly changing whole can be formed from many elementary individual parts.

The location of bilding is a building site in Rapoldipark provided by the city of Innsbruck. A collective of architects from “aut.architektur und tirol” took over the conceptual preparatory work for planning this workshop building. In October 2014, a group of students from the “./studio 3 – Institute for Experimental Architecture” at the University of Innsbruck (Professor Volker Giencke) started developing and building this space of creativity as part of their bachelor’s thesis.

more about the history and the house

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