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call for submissions
“bildingship” is a working fellowship for young artists up to 31 years of age, to use bilding as space for their own artistic work as well as actively engaging in the regular workshop programme for the duration of half a year (prolongation to one year is possible), including part-time employment (500€ per month for approx. 10 hours per week). The aim is to convey the concept and working methods of bilding to the artists, while at the same time, imparting artistic processes directly to the children and young people based on the artists on-site work, to establish mutual ties and to promote and expand international discourse in the field of art and cultural mediation with young people, based on the practical experiences gained at bilding.

Application documents

Personal details and previous artistic activities (max. 2 pages), letter of motivation (max. 1 page), short description of projects planned during the residency (max. 1 page), portfolio (max. 10 pages), curriculum vitae (incl. date of birth) and artistic career

Please submit all documents as PDF file until March 21st 2024 to
For further information please email us or call +43 699 12847939

submission details

bildingship insight

bildingship artist Gergö Bánkúti, letter, 13th june 2021
I didn’t really know what to expect before I came here. It wasn’t just an artist residency program I was part of, it really drove me back to the roots of creation by working with kids. Maybe bilding is not as big as a school but it has a much greater importance in teaching young people and children art, and it looks way better as well.
Apart from the amazing architecture, it is fully equipped with painting materials, woodworking and graphic tools and various artistic appliances – which provides a wide range of possibilities of expression and an inspiring atmosphere. It‘s a place where you can engage in various art workshops with kids and youngsters by making art TOGETHER. Being part of it is a special opportunity in which one can gain instinctive methods by co-working with little fellows in order to create.
Personally, working with children helped me a lot to find different ways of creation and offered me a fresh gaze to look at my own work – which is essential in every artist‘s life. An artist should be open minded, creative, and most importantly brave enough to try out new things. I think this fits very much to the philosophy of bilding and that’s not a coincidence, because nothing is impossible – except swimming in lava.

bildingship artist Kristina Kapeljuh, letter, 5th june 2023
Questioning art meaning within a context and framework, creating design that functions within a community, and exploring experimental teaching and learning processes – while engaging in several tasks – hands in mud of ceramics or tusche, maintaining an unexpectedly philosophical conversation with a seven-year-old in German – all at the same time. That was one of my first impressions here. There’s no doubt that this experience boosts creative skills in a variety of dimensions. It opened my eyes to the importance of clarity in creative processes. In collaboration with children and within the framework of the German language (which I had little knowledge of), simplicity is crucial. It was a great surprise to observe how communication can be effective even in the realm of the unknown language, culture, and context. Obviously, through art. Through exploring and doing, a lot of unnecessary theorization was revealed, while simultaneously the importance of dialogue was highlighted. Even now, at the finishing line of this crazy marathon, I am on my way to understanding and reflecting on this immense and profound experience. My attempt to do so is embodied in the design of this years programme booklet; through a joinery with my comrades that witnessed bilding’s changes throughout 2023.
P.S. Even swimming in lava is possible with bilding team

bildingship residents

Gergö Bankúti (Hungary), July 2020 – July 2021
Evan Reinhold (Great Britain), July – August 2021
Lea Abendstein (Austria), February – July 2022
Kristina Kapeljuh (Ukraine), July 2022 – July 2023
Divleena Singh (India), October 2023 –



Divleena Singh


Evan Reinhold


Gergö Bánkúti


Kristina Kapeljuh


Lea Abendstein aka Bruce Lea

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